Monday, November 30, 2009


A whole month of creating and writing about it -
This really has been quite theraputic for me - I feel like I have accomplished
something positive and good. For me - that is major!!
I have met some awesome peeps during this past month--absolutely
supportive and just plain nice -
WOW - I am blessed.
I plan on continuing my zentangle projects and my hand project--so keep on
coming back and take a peek what I am up to--
you might be
Here a few pics of my most recent creations:

This one-to me-looks like a ribbon that has different ornaments or
such hanging from it - I like the way it turned out--
I think one of the ornaments is looking at me!!

This is my newest hand project zentangle--much more detailed--
took me a bit longer to complete but to me worth it.
I thought it turned out really nice - just staring at it from a bit of a distance
and the coolest images come to life.
The pic below is a closer look at some of the details--

Well I just want to say THANK YOU ALL for coming by and being
so supportive and leaving such encouraging words - you have
made my life so much more richer.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

It has been awesome to get to know you this month... and to grow in art together. We need to be sure to stay in touch, actively.

So much love and gratitude!

redorgray said...

ellie ~it is a grand feeling isnt it ~your work is vivid and happy today!

wildish woman said...

I love the hands, really cool!

Lori Spindler said...

I love your art piece at the top! The design reminds me of balls of string that a cat would play with.

Leah said...

yay! you did it!! :-) thanks again for joining in, ellie.

i *love* these zentangle hands!

linda said...

congrats on making it through and it's been a pleasure following along as well! AEDM rocks! your zentangles are mesmerizing as well...woohoo!

Sherrie Phillips said...

Yea! We did it! You did great. I actually got inspired to try the zentangle/mandala. I love hands idea as well. I have had some synchronicity about that may explore it further. I plan to continue to follow your blog. Happy creating!

lilasvb said...

i really like your post, nice to stop on your page

Ana said...

Dear Ellie,
Well done for participating in AEDM.
Your doodles are amazing and I can feel the depth in each of them.
Also, thank you so much for dropping by my site and also encouraging me on.
You are a gem.
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.