Wednesday, February 10, 2010


TWIN MANDALAS - the mandala on the right is one that I did last november--
finally I finished the one of the left.
I think they look cool together.
I am so hooked on doing these is so easy to just sit back and put
my art journal on my lap and doodle away.
I am a bit behind with my once a week checking in with what creation I am working on...
I am just lazy lately---nothing more....
but hopefully I can get out of this slump and keep moving forward...
So the twin zentangle-mandalas are my newest creation...and hopefully
just the beginning of so many more!
Now I want to get color markers to try that - I think color would add a whole different
look to it all....(maybe)!
Thanks for stopping by - make sure you let me know how are you
being creative lately!