Monday, January 18, 2010


More Zentangles - I just wanted to "experiment" with zentangles intentionally started
a certain way - the outline.......I like the way it turned out - not as much
a surprise to me the way it came together because it was planned---do you know
what I mean?
The piece above was not formed by just free flowing lines and then me looking
at it to see what shapes I notice and how to start---this one was planned...and
it took me longer to do - hmmmmm---I wonder if that is connected in some way.
I tried to trim off the photo of all the extra in it - so that you can get a close look
at the piece but my psp kept crashing (
which is typical of windows vista)..but hopefully
you can see all you want of it.
Well - off to doodle some more - and how are your creative juices doing?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Since the every day challenge - I took a break to see in which direction I wanted
to go creatively.
For now I love doing these zentangles - I am hooked - and it is so easy to pick up and do
a bit and put down - but I do have other plans floating around - we will see where
it takes me - if anything becomes definite I will let you all in....
Here is a zentangle I did with my name.....

and here is a zentangle I did, that to me looks like Christmas ornaments....

okay - I have joined the CREATIVE EVERYDAY for 2010..
Check it out for yourself.
I figured a bit of motivation - other creative peeps to identify with can only be a
GOOD thing.
Well my hunnie and I are going to test some food cooking for dinner - we do this
every once in a while just to see what we can create - so I will leave you all until next time.
Thanks For Stopping By -