Friday, November 30, 2007


Here I am again -
Abbie from Whimsy of a Staggering Woman suggested a couple of sites that offer
some creative prompts to keep those juices flowing...
One I already belong to which is Studio Friday...and the other is new to me...
It is called Illustration Friday!!
Now that AEDM is over (sniff sniff) I will definitely be looking into the other two sites for
some inspiration and ideas...YAY!!!
Thanks Abbie for the suggestions....!!! If you get a chance - stop by Abbie's much
eye candy and beautiful pics and just.....ok just go look - you will love it!

Okay---my friend Anke - challenged anyone who went to her blog to list 7 random
things about themselves that others may not I have taken on the little challenge
and here are 7 things about me:

1-I used to play piano...not just for my own listening pleasure but in concerts...
I have even played at Carnegie Hall when I was in grade school when they
had a show of "talented" young peeps who played I do not
play a key...I can still read music...but have not played in what seems a lifetime.
2-my first language was spanish...but since I was born in the US my parents figured
that I should learn english before entering the school system...I also learned french when
I was in grade school...(cannot remember much now...but I was trilingual there for a while)
3-I used to have fingernails that were measured at 2-2 1/2 inches long..and used
to model nail designs for my manicurist to enter into my nails were famous..
now they are at a decent length...
4-I love to ride I am a BIG woman (sitting on a motorcycle may seem odd)....but my hunnie and I love to just
take off and ride at night everywhere..just drive for hours and enjoy the freedom of is such a feeling that makes me feel alive...we love it!!!!
5-I used to own and run a day care center for several years. Loved the kids, loved the work
but due to economic times and laws always changing we just did not have the finaces
to keep up with so many foolish changes (nothing in safety - mostly types of toys and
curriculum and things like that)
6-I used to work as a counselor for the state prison I have stories about
that job...but now I am medically retired.
7-I am slow to warm up to people...but I am loyal to those I call friend...I love to send
surprises to friends...a card...a ATC card...whatever just to make them

Let me know if you take on this challenge and write 7 random things about yourself!
It is like peeking into the life of!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


WOW...Today is the FINAL day of Art Every Day of the Month. I must say
it has been a very new and challenging month for me.
I never thought that I would make it a month...that I would be able to post
some sort of art every single day...BUT I DID IT!!!!
What a GREAT feeling it is too!

I learned a few things through this past month:
1-Not to be so afraid of showing what I is in the eyes of the beholder
2-I can make it through a goal without panicking.
3-It is good to meet others in the same field and not be afraid to ask questions or receive
a compliment.
4-Take small steps when in doubt
5- Art wise - I do have something to contribute
**These are all good things - and made this challenge so worth it**

I want to THANK YOU ALL for leaving such Beautiful Comments and especially to Anke
who through her beautiful friendship and support...I was able to make it this far.
I hope you all will continue to stop on by and see what I create next...
For my last entry Day 30 of AEDM I digitally painted a tulip.
Simple - warm colors - and it makes me smile to look at!
Thanks For stopping by and Looking!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here is another type of Lily....a Giant Amazon WaterLily....I love the pink in it.
This is the first one, that I applied a filter to after I was done painting it...the edges were
a bit harsh to me so I added a soften filter to it and it came out a bit better...
Took me a few days to finish it up...and I like it...Not perfect - but so me!!!

Did another major Brave thing yesterday - I jumped in the shower (not the brave part) and
got on some decent clothes (still not the brave part) and told my hunnie and daughter -
Remember I live the life of a hermit...I have been taking small
steps by sitting outside every day in the early evening till night with my hunnie
just chatting and such. Well, I have not been OUT OUT for at least 2 and a half months (I usually only go out for doctor appointments and such) - well my hunnie took me to a Chinese restaurant for dinner (my fav) and then out shopping so I could pick up things I have wanted.
WOW....I actually went shopping in Walmart and did not freak out and feel panicky. Not feeling panicky is the first time -since I became ill...WOW...what a GREAT evening!
I even picked up more art supplies such as flat board canvases, oil pastels, art paper, paints, and such...I finished up a few more Christmas some great M&M stuffies that only
come out at holiday time (we collect M&M things)...and at no point did I feel like an anxiety attack was starting or anything...this is a GREAT SUCCESS for me...
Thanks for reading this far -
The waterlily is my entry for Day 29 of AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This flower is different....I came across a photo on the internet of this has no name
(hence - me calling it different as a title)..I could not for the life of me figure out where exactly
the stem was going...but I wanted to digitally paint it because it was simple and easier
then others I have done lately...I am moving slow lately - not really up to par...
so simple was good for me.
I like the colors in it....
This is my entry for Day 28 of AEDM...
Thanks For Stopping By and Looking!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is an Orange Dahlia...I love the warm orange hues in it...and I like the way it
turned out....took me a few days to finish it off...but worth it!
Yesterday was a bit of a burn out day for me....I can feel my energy level going down.
I have no idea why....I am just so tired...and have no motivation to get Christmas things
started...geez...I hope I snap out of it soon!!
When I get my thoughts organized...I am going to redo my sidebar to include the
blogs that I frequent that give me inspiration and ideas..perhaps they will do the same
for you!!! So watch out for those changes!

NOW - onto some awesome news....My friend Anke - who has a FANTASTIC art blog call THE ARTIST IN ME so kindly bestowed this BEAUTIFUL
award to me:

NOW HOW COOL IS THAT.... Anke also runs a creative theme prompt every month - which will be starting up again in January called CREATIVE SPIRITS CONNECT--definitely check out those sites........
So I guess I must pass on the torch to a blog that I find
friendly and catches my attention - and this blog is FOLLOW YOUR BLISS.
Mary Ann is so wonderfully kind and is just busy busy with regular life stuff and to me,
she is the Queen of the Swaps...I am always drooling over her finds and swap gifts...
So go on over and check out her Great Blog....she also runs a creative prompt to get
those creative juices flowing every week...called HANDMADE much fun!!
Okay - The Dahlia is my entry for Day 27 of AEDM...and THANK YOU Anke for the Beautiful
award....and THANK YOU ALL for stopping by and looking!!!

(as requested by Mary Ann - I have entered this flower in her creative prompt this week called simplicity - So check it out at Handmade Monday)

Monday, November 26, 2007


Here is my next creation....a red pansy...digitally painted.
Believe it or not - I LOVE the way it came out.
Took me a few days to paint it...I almost gave up...but now I am glad I did not.
The color is so vibrant...and it really makes me feel good looking at it.
This is a good thing.
This is my entry for Day 26 of AEDM. This is the last week of AEDM...I am amazed
that I have hung in there and quite proud of myself...I know it is not over yet but
having lasted this long is an accomplishment for me that is unreal...
Now the holiday buzz for Christmas is in the air...has anyone finished their shopping?
I almost have son is extremely difficult to buy for so I have no idea
what to do..I even managed to order photo Christmas cards (with a photo I took) and
will fill them out and mail them this week. (a box of 25 with envelopes in one day from Walgreens for $5 - what a deal) (they came out GREAT) - when I get a chance I will
upload a pic of the card.
So anyone have any simple - fast - Christmas ideas/gifts to do....I was
thinking of decorating glass votive candles holders with polymer clay - but I need more ideas.
I created a homemade calendar for the grandparents of both sides using pictures
of the kids...but I also like to make little extras to give also for whomever.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here is my newest creation - with the aid of paint shop pro...I painted my version
of a starfish in the ocean.
Again I do like the way this one came out...
It is nothing fancy - but I like it!!!!
This is my entry for Day 25 of AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!!
I so Appreciate it.


Wise Words From The Artist Ziggy......

Slightly frustrated yesterday...I use yahoo to keep track for me when new entries are added
to my favorite blogs...(including my own)..well it never registered my own blogs that were updated.
I cannot for the life of me find out where to locate answers to this slight problem but
I guess I just have to let it go and see what happens...
Enjoy Ziggy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


The above rose is called Chilvary. It took me several days to paint it because
of the color variations in it. It kind of looks like the duo color rose I painted a while back.
I do like the way this one turned out..again for some reason roses just attract me.
This is my entry for Day 24 of AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I just had to play in Paint Shop Pro again...this time I created colorful ink blots and
swirled them, twisted them and just kept adding colors until I was happy with the vibrant colors in it.
I like the way it turned out. I am slowly but surely learning what I can and cannot do with psp..
the possibilities are endless.
This is my entry for Day 23 of AEDM.
I hope everyone had a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving. Here it was just my hunnie, daughter and myself...we made way too much was all absolutely delicious...really a peaceful
and loving time together!! What more could I ask for!
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


This is my first original painting in Paint Shop Pro...I just decided to let things flow nothing goals in mind and this is what I created. I love it...I like the flow in it...the colors....and a sort of softness to it! I am quite pleased with the outcome... This is my entry for Day 22 of AEDM. I even got a chance to update my personal journal ELLIE'S CRAZY can always pop on over there and see what is up! I wanted to wish you and yours a Very BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving. If you do not celebrate this holiday - I wish you a BEAUTIFUL fall harvest. Here is a bit of inspiration in honor of the holiday:


Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don't know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.
Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.
Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference.
It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who
are also thankful for the setbacks.
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.
Author Unknown.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Now this ATC card was fun. I just kept playing with filters and adding bits and pieces to it
and this is the result. I actually was able to create my own lil bits of paper (and multiplying images I made up - geez I wish I could remember how I did it) and make
the whole thing look like a collage.
The reason I do not remember how I did it is because when I get into the creative mode sort
of thinking working digitally - I tend to just keep playing without over thinking on it...just trying to keep playing without any rhythm or reason to it...I find things come out better that way.
I like the blues in it. To me it is soft, mellow...soothing colors...nothing harsh.
This one actually made me feel good too.
During one of my blog hopping activities I came across this site called STUDIO FRIDAY.
Every monday a word is given as a challenge..I was interested because I know
I need a bit of inspiration coming at me in different directions to stretch myself and my
thinking... (Tine - who owns the web site is SUPER nice) so check it out for yourself..
Well Thanks for dropping by and giving my site a look...
The ATC card is my entry for Day 21 of AEDM..
(remember 21 days straight of doing anything becomes a habit...hmmm I so hope so - this is another mile marker I have reached - doing a happy dance here).

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This was a WIP (work in progress) that I have slowly been adding to and changing
and so on for a while now. Now I am not claiming it is perfect by any means but
I really really like the way it turned out! I like the warm color, and I think I am getting better
on the shadows.
I really felt like I accomplished a lot when I finally finished this painting...(doing the happy dance)
This is my entry for Day 20 of AEDM
Also - as a lil side note here - THANK YOU for leaving comments and giving me your
feedback...I really appreciate it! I am learning a lot and it is allowing me to come out
of my fear a little bit more each and every day.
I also have not mentioned yet...but I was one of the lucky winners of a lil raffle sort of thing at Mary Ann's FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. I won a beautiful charm she made...I also received the other day an Awesome postcard that she designed and mailed to me...
As soon as I take pics - I will definitely be showing them here.
I really feel blessed...I am finding that the art community is so much more
friendlier, supportive and reaches out a lot more then other communities that have come and gone out of my life.
I also received my free set of MOO cards...if you have never heard
of them - I encourage you to check them out.
I used some photos of my paintings on them..I really love them and
again - I will take pics and show you all asap.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


I have been doing a BRAVE thing (one of the things on my list) for about two weeks or so now..
I have been sitting outside in the evening with my hunnie.
I convinced him we needed a fire pit...just to hang around and talk and such...
and he went out and bought one I showed him on a website.
He did this because if the truth be family has been trying to get me to leave the
comfort of inside my house.
It is almost impossible...I believe I already mentioned that I am being inside, in
my puter room, is total heaven for me...but I have been making this grand effort(a major Brave step) to at least go
outside my front door and sit for a few minutes...well I am up to 2 hours.
We go out after it is dark and light up the fire pit and just look at the stars (I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful the stars can be...we also had a night of shooting stars last night), and talk about
whatever comes to mind.
Well my mind has become much more relaxed and I am feeling much more creative.
More ideas swirling around my head...more questions to ask...planning out get the idea.
Well after I came in today...I decided to make another ATC card with color...warm colors...the way I was feeling...warm and secure...and this is what I came up with:

I really like this ATC the warm colors...the pattern of the pieces...
truly it makes me smile to look at it...I am pleased with the results..
This is my entry for Day 19 of AEDM.
I really enjoyed making this one...THANKS for taking a look!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


My newest ATC card....I took several photos of my family..overlapped them and added/pasted/drew on
words and lil symbols that describe how grateful I am for them.
Mary Ann at HANDMADE MONDAY is having a challenge this week called "Gratitude".
I got to thinking about it and the above ATC card is saying it all for me.
I could have covered it with more words and symbols but simply put they are my strength, they complete my life...they are what makes my world perfect!
I would not be the person I am today without them...So for me - family is my greatest GRATITUDE...the one thing that God gave me in a true miracle - they complete my circle of life - everything else is a bonus!!!
Looking at their eyes...instantly fills my heart with Joy and brings the fondest of memories for me. There is nothing more I could ever ask for! They fill my life full of unending Love, Joy, Laughs, Compassion, Grey Hairs, Compromises, Sacrifices, and no matter what - they are there for me - and I am there for them...Isn't that all that matters?
At every opportunity - I truly make an effort to tell them all the things I Love about them and how grateful I am that they are the LOVES of my Life. I don't need jewelry or high tech toys or money...a HUG from them is what gives me life...allows me to take another breath and feel fulfilled.
So this is my entry for GRATITUDE....and my entry for Day 18 of AEDM.
Thanks For Looking!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


My friend Anke offers challenges in her blog called CREATIVE SPIRITS CONNECT.
I have wanted to participate...the last challenge is altering photos...but my photos are all
digital..I don't have them printed I could not figure out how I was going to participate in this challenge. Then today it came to me - (I seem to be running on slow as far as my thinking goes) I can manipulate my photo in paint shop pro and see what I come up with. (I don't think Anke was thinking digitally) But I played around with filters I have never used before and the above are the results...I know the photo is small and you cannot see all the details - sorry...I am just going to leave it like that because
I don't want to mess up anything...but I had fun!!!
The picture is of my three kids during a visit in April 2007.
So this is my answer to the challenge...Thanks for Looking!!!


I was able to finish this digital painting in time enough for today....a rose is a rose is a rose...
I really think I have a thing for roses.
I like it except for the lil white around the green was suppose to be the peach fuzz sort of thing...but I just could not get it any more if the image was only a thumbnail, it would look perfect.
But in general I do like the way it turned out!
I have a couple of questions to just throw out there to all of you - let me know if you
have an opinion about them:
Do you feel obligated to leave a comment when you visit a blog?
If you have a blog - Do you want people to comment?
Do you blog for yourself or for others or a combination of both?
If NO ONE ever commented on your blog - would you still write in it faithfully?
If someone comments on your blog - do you feel obligated to go to their blog (if they have one) and leave a comment out of courtesy?
I have read in several blogs - this same dilemma going on...this same burning question
being asked in different I want to know how you all feel.
Thanks for any input you may have...
My fragmented rose is my entry for Day 17 of AEDM.
Thanks for Looking!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well I went ahead and did it...I created my own MANDALA...I have seen these wonderful objects in several blogs and decided to try it out(they are definitely things that have been inspiring me this past month)....I have to fix my printer so I could not print out a template that I have of a premade mandala (uncolored) so I designed my own in paint shop pro and colored it in digitally....I wanted to use bright colors to attract ones' attention. I am also still
playing with the concept of lines and this is what I of my most favorite shapes is of course I had to put one made me smile when I was done because
of all the bright colors...a bit crude in the creation of it...but I think a darn good try for a first time.
I also updated my everyday blog - would love for you all to go check it is an interesting entry to say the least...the words just flowed!
So my mandala is my entry for Day 16 of AEDM.
Thanks for Looking!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today is a day of mile markers for me....First this is my 100th post in blogger...
Makes me feel good...that I have actually posted that much artwork (a couple of contests in between but majority is my artwork). What a great feeling of accomplishment!
Second and more importantly...the above digital painting is my entry for Day 15 of AEDM.
WOW - 15 days straight of posting makes me feel like I have acutally accomplished a good thing..a postive thing...that it has brought me to a new level...I am shooting for 21 days of entering artwork...some sort of creation. I learned long ago, in a class, that anyting you do for 21 days straight is officially a is ingrained in your being to do keep going with it...
so I have 6 more days to go...that is my next goal...6 more matter what they
are...just 6 more days!!!
I am PROUD of myself. I have met some AWESOME people through the blog world
that create, share their ideas, talk about their art world, their inspirations and experiments...
it really has opened up a new world for has forced me to come out of my protective world just a lil bit more. It has forced me to try and leave a comment in their blogs and not fear being rejected for doing so.
Yes I do feel sometimes still that people will reject me in some way, shape or form. But for right now I am OK...I have made it another day. This is a beautiful thing!
All these Mile Markers make me feel Brave...WOW...and I am OK!
The digital painting above is a macroshot of a pink flower..I love the colors in it...
It may not be perfect but it made me smile..feel that is all that matters right now!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Yesterday was a bit of a downer for me...I did not want to let go of my son when it was time
for him to leave...I truly felt my heart cry...
I created the above ATC card using some vintage images that I is nice just not
exactly the look I was going for but then again...I just let the flow go and this is what
came up..I am ok with it...of course I could not leave it alone - I wanted to
make it look like it was made on canvas so I used some filters and that is the look below that I got:

This is my entry for Day 14 of AEDM...still
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today is going to be very emotionally draining for me so I wanted to get this posted
before I have to deal with the rest of the son is deploying out in a few hours and
I can feel my heart already breaking..
I was not in the most creative moods but I put together the above ATC card for Day 13 of AEDM. It is simple....I like the light colors in it....
Thanks For Looking!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Sunday was an emotional rollercoaster here at the old homestead.
My son is home from the army just long enough to say Good Bye before he deploys out.
We will not be seeing him for two years as it stands now..(hopefully that will change with time),If you want to read about my daily life...I do have an every day blog here:-->ELLIE'S CRAZY LIFE
So I only had a few moments today to create or think about being I created the above ATC card in celebration of Fall...I needed something to brighten my day, and easy to put together because time is limited right now. This is my Day 12 entry for AEDM and also an entry for HANDMADE MONDAY (creative prompt is easy peasy), because it only took me about 20-25 minutes to create the card.
I think I will also be doing something else for easy peasy...but for now this is what I have.
I like the ATC card...the warm colors and simplicity make me feel good and peaceful!
Thanks For Looking!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have so much to say in this entry....hope you are ready for it!!!
First I did this ATC card inspired by and dedicated to my dear Friend Anke....She has always encouraged me
and has been so kind to HERE to check out her art blog..She spoke in one entry about
dots and lines...creating with those I have kept that in the back of my mind and
came up with the above card....I like the bright colors in it...and the simplicity. THANKS ANKE for always making me feel good about creating!!!
Now the next news is that someone sent me a comment..and they said I "inspired them" OMG...
I cried....I have been searching and reading and researching all kinds of art blogs and inspirational web pages..just trying to get ideas...get what appeals to me
to pursue!!! Then low and behold...some wonderful person sends me a message saying that my digital paintings inspire them...I am so very honored and filled with a renewed sense of creating
because in the first 10 days of creating art...SO MANY positive things have happened to me
and I now know I am NOT alone in A LOT of my feelings of doubt and fear and apprehension but also that there are SO MANY supportive individuals out there who are total strangers but now kindred spirits and friends who encourage me....I AM BLESSED!!!
Hearing that I inspire someone makes me realize that it is OK to move on to the next
level and pursue further where my creative muse takes me...I still have so many ideas
swirling around my head...I do know for sure that one of the next steps is that
I want to open my own etsy shop. This will be a HUGE step for me...I am terrified...scared I will not sell anything...but my Hunnie (Bless His Heart) says it is ok if I don't because just
giving it a try is what is important and he is so right!!!
So I need to really read all I can on the Etsy shops (I have read a lot already but I want to be sure I understand everything) and get some things together to
put in it and I will let you all know when I have things set up. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful tips about the etsy shops PLEASE let me know...I welcome any and all help!
So that is all the news that is fit to print at this time....thanks for reading all about it and thanks for checking out my Day 11 entry for AEDM.
BTW---I want to especially THANK all of you that leave comments on my blog here...
Your messages really fill my heart with such happiness and truly that is saying A TON if you just
knew how hard to was to get to this point in my please know that you have lifted
my inner soul and creative muse to a much better place!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


This is a double entry for me today....This is an ATC card I did with a whimsical theme to it for
HANDMADE MONDAY....the creative prompt was "whimsy"...I do like the way it
turned out.
It is also my entry for Day 10 for AEDM.
10 days of being Creative...and so far I am ok...this is a good and Brave thing!!
Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007


This is a simple but beautiful orange rose upclose and personal.
I think this is one of my favorites...I so love the colors in it.
I digitally painted this one and I like the way it turned out.
The colors remind me of warmth and comfort...
YAY - this is my entry for Day 9 of AEDM.
Thanks for looking!!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


5 Minutes For Mom is having another FANTASTIC give-a-way...
Actually several give-a-ways right before the Christmas holiday season..
It promises to be full of fun things to add to your Christmas present wish list...
So stop by their site and check it all out!!! The first contest is already up!

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes


The above is an ATC card I made in dedication to shopping...I love it.
It is the first time I have ever used a black background...not too sure about it.
Then of course I could not leave well enough alone so I decided to manipulate the card
digitally with some filters in psp and these were the results:

This one above I used inverted hues...interesting I guess...

Now this filter was a fractal mirror sort of filter...I like it because it almost makes
it look like a playing card...
Well those are my entries for Day 8 of AEDM.
So far so good!
Thanks for looking!!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I know I already have an entry today for AEDM but I wanted to play with a photo
today and see what I could do with it....
Here are my results:It is a picture of my daughter manipulated and colorized with several filters
until I got the effects that I liked.
This was fun...thanks for looking!!!


Here is a rose bud I digitally painted....It turned out okay...still working on the lil details.
I love the faint purple in the background...and of course like I have said before
I love roses...
This is my entry for Day 7 of AEDM (art every day month). So far one week
has gone by and I have kept up...that is saying alot...the last 36 hours have been emotionally
draining for me...still fighting the darkness in my mind...but that is 7 days of Being Brave..
7 Straight days of being creative...7 days of keeping a positive promise to myself...
7 days of showing my art work and nothing bad has happened.
These are all good things!
Thanks for looking!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I stayed up until 4:30 this morning digitally painting this beautiful flower.
I was so determined to enter it today as my day 6 of AEDM. I do like the way it
turned out. I also happen to LOVE the color purple...
Thanks for looking!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


Here is my art work for day 5 of ART EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH...
I digitally created this ATC card from vintage graphics and such that I have.
Of course I had to play with the image and so the next picture...I played with a filter called
crumbled and this is the look I got....

I like the way they came out....and again..since I created it - I wanted to show it.
Thanks for Looking!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Here is my art for today...this took me two and a half days to complete...I was struggling
with all the lil details...that is one thing that still needs working on...but I like the way it
turned roses! I painted this digitally from a photo I received in a group I belong to.
I just realized that I have been doing a brave thing every day without even realizing it...
I have been creating AND sharing my artwork freely with strangers in other groups
that I just joined...displaying my art in different flickr groups...this is a HUGE step for me
because I just never feel like my work is good enough to show others...but I have taken these
steps and so far so good!
WOW...this BE BRAVE thing is cool....
Thanks for looking!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Okay - I did it....I signed up for Create Art Every Day... I know I said
I would join next year...but there are no guarantees of where life will be by then..
and my creative "juices" and ideas are running I took a deep breath in and signed up.
Since I have been creating everyday anyway...I am caught up with everyone else...
Here is the blog badge from the challenge:

You can click on the graphic and it will take you there...I was kind of scared to sign up because
I really do not feel like what I create is worthy of what I see others do...but I am jumping
in with both feet and we will see where I land.
Here is what I created today...

This is another ATC card I created digitally...I like the I played with some filters
in paint shop pro and inverted the colors...and this is what it looks like:

I like the colors inverted and there you creations for today!
Thanks for looking!


Long time since I have made an ATC (artist trading card) so I played around
digitally and this is what I created:
I used tubes and such that are shares in groups I belong to and played.
It does not necessarily have to stand for something or have a theme...
they are just mini canvases to create on...3.5 x 2.5
Mini collages to express oneself..or just to create.
I think I am much more creative digitally...but I am trying to create without my computer.
November is Create Art Everyday Month...I did not join the trend because
it seems that when I commit myself - I chicken out stressing myself.
But I am trying it on my own...and maybe next year I will feel comfortable enough
with my art to join it.
Thanks for looking!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007


The first Prompt Challenge over at Handmade Monday was
"What's Left" So I made this collage using my scraps of asian stuffies. Thanks for looking -

Thursday, November 01, 2007


A simple Pink rose I digitally painted....definitely some imperfections, but
I do like how some petals look like they are facing downward on the edges and I love the colors
including some of the shadows.
I painted I am showing it!
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!