Sunday, November 18, 2007


My newest ATC card....I took several photos of my family..overlapped them and added/pasted/drew on
words and lil symbols that describe how grateful I am for them.
Mary Ann at HANDMADE MONDAY is having a challenge this week called "Gratitude".
I got to thinking about it and the above ATC card is saying it all for me.
I could have covered it with more words and symbols but simply put they are my strength, they complete my life...they are what makes my world perfect!
I would not be the person I am today without them...So for me - family is my greatest GRATITUDE...the one thing that God gave me in a true miracle - they complete my circle of life - everything else is a bonus!!!
Looking at their eyes...instantly fills my heart with Joy and brings the fondest of memories for me. There is nothing more I could ever ask for! They fill my life full of unending Love, Joy, Laughs, Compassion, Grey Hairs, Compromises, Sacrifices, and no matter what - they are there for me - and I am there for them...Isn't that all that matters?
At every opportunity - I truly make an effort to tell them all the things I Love about them and how grateful I am that they are the LOVES of my Life. I don't need jewelry or high tech toys or money...a HUG from them is what gives me life...allows me to take another breath and feel fulfilled.
So this is my entry for GRATITUDE....and my entry for Day 18 of AEDM.
Thanks For Looking!!!


firstborn said...

lovely, heartfelt post ellie! beautiful!!!

thank you my dear for sharing!

xo mary ann

Holly said...

How wonderful!

Anke said...

Oh that is a great one! Did you print them out and give them to you loved ones? Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!