Friday, November 30, 2007


WOW...Today is the FINAL day of Art Every Day of the Month. I must say
it has been a very new and challenging month for me.
I never thought that I would make it a month...that I would be able to post
some sort of art every single day...BUT I DID IT!!!!
What a GREAT feeling it is too!

I learned a few things through this past month:
1-Not to be so afraid of showing what I is in the eyes of the beholder
2-I can make it through a goal without panicking.
3-It is good to meet others in the same field and not be afraid to ask questions or receive
a compliment.
4-Take small steps when in doubt
5- Art wise - I do have something to contribute
**These are all good things - and made this challenge so worth it**

I want to THANK YOU ALL for leaving such Beautiful Comments and especially to Anke
who through her beautiful friendship and support...I was able to make it this far.
I hope you all will continue to stop on by and see what I create next...
For my last entry Day 30 of AEDM I digitally painted a tulip.
Simple - warm colors - and it makes me smile to look at!
Thanks For stopping by and Looking!!!


Firefly Hill said...

A beautiful tulip Ellie! I really like your blog. You put things out there that make me think. Thank you!


Abbie said...

Hi Ellie! Congrats on meeting your goal! Some other great sites that inspire are and Studio Friday (link on my blog), and Anke's of course..
Have a wonderful evening.. what are you gonna create tomorrow?
:) Abbie
Your banner is in the works! Any special requests?

Abbie said...

uhh.. you already have the link! Sorry!
:) hehhehe...

Anke said...

Yeah!!!!! Super Ellie!!!! You are very welcome for the support!!!!! I find it so amazing what art can do! You can be soooo proud of your self-challenge AEDM!!!!! I have times of doubt too, but I guess that is just human, the most important thing is to believe in yourself, plus like you said, art is in the eye of beholder. Keep on going, looking forward to see more of your eye candies ;)