Monday, November 26, 2007


Here is my next creation....a red pansy...digitally painted.
Believe it or not - I LOVE the way it came out.
Took me a few days to paint it...I almost gave up...but now I am glad I did not.
The color is so vibrant...and it really makes me feel good looking at it.
This is a good thing.
This is my entry for Day 26 of AEDM. This is the last week of AEDM...I am amazed
that I have hung in there and quite proud of myself...I know it is not over yet but
having lasted this long is an accomplishment for me that is unreal...
Now the holiday buzz for Christmas is in the air...has anyone finished their shopping?
I almost have son is extremely difficult to buy for so I have no idea
what to do..I even managed to order photo Christmas cards (with a photo I took) and
will fill them out and mail them this week. (a box of 25 with envelopes in one day from Walgreens for $5 - what a deal) (they came out GREAT) - when I get a chance I will
upload a pic of the card.
So anyone have any simple - fast - Christmas ideas/gifts to do....I was
thinking of decorating glass votive candles holders with polymer clay - but I need more ideas.
I created a homemade calendar for the grandparents of both sides using pictures
of the kids...but I also like to make little extras to give also for whomever.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!!

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Abbie said...

Hi Ellie! Oh, I think you should print out greeting cards with your digital art on them and give them as gifts! Your work is wonderful!Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog,
:) Abbie