Friday, November 30, 2007


Here I am again -
Abbie from Whimsy of a Staggering Woman suggested a couple of sites that offer
some creative prompts to keep those juices flowing...
One I already belong to which is Studio Friday...and the other is new to me...
It is called Illustration Friday!!
Now that AEDM is over (sniff sniff) I will definitely be looking into the other two sites for
some inspiration and ideas...YAY!!!
Thanks Abbie for the suggestions....!!! If you get a chance - stop by Abbie's much
eye candy and beautiful pics and just.....ok just go look - you will love it!

Okay---my friend Anke - challenged anyone who went to her blog to list 7 random
things about themselves that others may not I have taken on the little challenge
and here are 7 things about me:

1-I used to play piano...not just for my own listening pleasure but in concerts...
I have even played at Carnegie Hall when I was in grade school when they
had a show of "talented" young peeps who played I do not
play a key...I can still read music...but have not played in what seems a lifetime.
2-my first language was spanish...but since I was born in the US my parents figured
that I should learn english before entering the school system...I also learned french when
I was in grade school...(cannot remember much now...but I was trilingual there for a while)
3-I used to have fingernails that were measured at 2-2 1/2 inches long..and used
to model nail designs for my manicurist to enter into my nails were famous..
now they are at a decent length...
4-I love to ride I am a BIG woman (sitting on a motorcycle may seem odd)....but my hunnie and I love to just
take off and ride at night everywhere..just drive for hours and enjoy the freedom of is such a feeling that makes me feel alive...we love it!!!!
5-I used to own and run a day care center for several years. Loved the kids, loved the work
but due to economic times and laws always changing we just did not have the finaces
to keep up with so many foolish changes (nothing in safety - mostly types of toys and
curriculum and things like that)
6-I used to work as a counselor for the state prison I have stories about
that job...but now I am medically retired.
7-I am slow to warm up to people...but I am loyal to those I call friend...I love to send
surprises to friends...a card...a ATC card...whatever just to make them

Let me know if you take on this challenge and write 7 random things about yourself!
It is like peeking into the life of!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Anke said...

HI Ellie, thanks for sharing your 7 random things. That was really interesting, I love to play piano, I fullfilled that dream 2 years ago, before I played electronic organ. Riding motorbike as a passenger I have done before and yes it's nice, feels like you are free, really blows your head clear.
By the way, I need your address. Can you send it to me on That would be great! Wish you a nice saturday!