Saturday, December 01, 2007


I thought about what kind of art I wanted to do now. I know that AEDM is over but
I want to keep keep those ideas and inspiration flowing...
so I have decided to create my own Kaleidoscope digital images.
I am going to do a whole series of them...
Just something I started playing with in paint shop pro and I like some of the ones
I have already here is the first one I am going to share--

Believe it or not....I call it I think I must have some inner
thing going on about roses..strange but it keeps coming in my head!
Now of course I had to play with some filters and see what I could do with it...
so here is another one of the same image but squared off
I have no idea how I get the images I get....I just play and then something shows up.
I like the free flow playing around that is happening with me...
I love the colors in them....but honestly the top one is my favorite.
So what have you created today?
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!!


Anke said...

Oh I'm already looking forward to see more Kaleidoskops! Those ones are beautiful, they fit right for Christmas Time.

Firefly Hill said...

Very cool Ellie!


I wish I had paintshop pro! Is it hard to use?

Leah said...

ellie, the kaleidoscope art is gorgeous!!

thank you so much for joining in aedm. it has been a pleasure having you along on the journey and i'm so glad you'll be joining in in 2008! keep on creating! :-)