Sunday, December 30, 2007


My favorite color - PURPLE - I just love it.....I like the hint of orange and the greens
in this I got them - who knows (as usual) but this creation really turned out
nice....I think after this past month of Kaleidoscopes I finally have them down...I am totally
addicted to making them...I think mostly because they are instant gratification and that
is what I need at this point...the longer a project takes the harder it is for me to stay
motivated to finish it....
So I played some more...and this is what happened:

Yes - I used the watercolor filters and played with the settings and this is the result.
I like the brightness of really makes me happy. I know that must sound strange
but if it makes me happy - then I find it easier to share and talk about. (my warp sense of reasoning).
Well - I played out and have watched LOTS of football....and now I think I will have some
coffee and watch the news (I don't know why - but I have always needed to know what
is going on in the world around me).
I think I will enter the watercolor one in MaryAnn's HandMade Monday challenge...YAY!!!
I hope your Sunday is Peaceful.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!!

1 comment:

Anke said...

The like the color combi, worked out great. I know what you mean with watching the news. I don't have to watch it on TV but I read every morning with breakfast my newspaper ;)
Sure it is more easy to talk about your art when it makes you happy, I think that's because you are less vulnerable to critic, you love it and that's all it matters. At least that's the way with me. So, I guess, see you next year!!! Wish you and your family a great New Year Start!!!! Big hug your way ;)