Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ahhhhh - some soft colors today. I like the combination of the purple - yellow - and greens..
really soft and subtle....they go well together I think.
Soft lines...pleasing to the eyes...but of course - I never leave well enough alone
so I played again:
In the mosaic filter and the above image is what I created....took a bit for this to appear...
it takes some manipulating to get a "similar" looking image in mosaic...I also
lightened the image because I did not want anything I am happy with the results.

Have been lazy around here.....watching football bowl games and just vegging out.
It has been really nice.
Unfortunately the weather today will be hot and humid and around 84 degrees UGH!!!
Just way too warm for me!
Well I am off to play some more...hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

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Holly said...

Love the colors! I hope you continue enjoying your lazy day. We're hanging on the couch too watching football! It's perfect.
84 degrees?!!?
It's almost 50 here and we can't believe how warm it is!