Sunday, December 09, 2007


Thank You All!!!!

I forgot to mention at some point that I ordered two amazing books from a few weeks ago..and they came in.
Now just as a side note - we had a substitute mail person who decided not to
leave the package under the LARGE overhang at our front door/walkway (where all delivery people and our regular mail person - all with common sense leave them)
she decided to leave it out on the ground behind our cars in the POURING RAIN.
By the time we discovered them one of the soft bound books that I bought was totally warped
and swollen pages from the rain...the hard bound book I bought my daughter was fine..
and this book below got a big wet but nothing you would notice I only have pics
of the one book I am about to show you...hopefully soon I will take pics of the other...we
blew dry the other one and have clips holding the binding and open ended parts together to
try and get the book looking half way normal...
Anyway...I am so excited about this book below...AWESOME pictures and FANTASTIC
ideas...I highly recommend to others who are into the collage world and free form art, or who are looking for some major inspiration.
I have seen this artist (Traci Bautista) on some DIY craft shows...she is young and hip and very
uninhibited by anything. I love it!!!
Enjoy the pics:

Sorry the pictures are not more clear - but I think you can see she is so inspired
by anything and everything...she loves colors...and this book also has doodles, art words and
other stuffies that you are permitted to use (photocopy/cut out) any way you want to create whatever
you how cool is that.
Well that was my HAPPY gift I gave myself for is AWESOME!!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


Anke said...

It is for sure a fun book. I have it myself and really like it.

altermyworld said...

OMG your kaleidoscopes are frigging amazing!!!!! You should do some up and make blank cards. WOW i am in love with them.
Yes i also have that book it is a favorite of mine, it certainly encourgages play, which is a great thing. Keep on making them scopes they are fantastic.

Hummie said...

Those look like great books! If I only had time to read...glad you do!