Thursday, December 27, 2007


I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Christmas...mine was marvelous...I received many
surprises and we ate until we could not was all perfect!
Yesterday - we just relaxed from all the build up to actual Christmas...being lazy is a good thing.
I am back to creating...well at least online to show you...for the last two days I have
been working on a few other creations...and I will show you them when they are done.
The above image just fascinated me...the colors is stunning to me...a VERY vibrant pink...
kind of bubbly to me. Again soft lines...I really like can click on the image to see
the actual looks nice bigger.
Of course I played just a little bit more and this is what happened:

Now the center reminded me of two being a flower and the other being
a mandala...I really like it either way....
Both images really surprised me...definite eye catchers.
I think I will submit these to MaryAnn's Handmade Monday Challenge which is COLOR...
(which these are definitely full of color)
Thanks for stopping by and Looking...

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Jana B said...

OMW Ellie, those are completely AMAZING!!!!!! I love the effects you used... WAY psychodelically cool!!!!!!! :)