Monday, December 03, 2007


I am running a bit behind in my Studio Friday entry...I really had to think about
random facts about my workspace/art studio that I am aware of ...
The topic is 7 random facts about my art studio space:

1- must have my LARGE cup of mountain dew next to me (sorry no pic)
2-must have my music with me (my zen mp3 player)(sorry about the blurry pic - best I could do)
3- have to be surrounded by my most used supplies:

(love my color pencils and markers - love color)
(gesso, gel medium, mod podge, glossy it all)

(love my ink pads)

(and a few other basics to my right)

4- Love creating with my daughter across from me...we chat once in a while...ask each
other's opinion about what we have been doing and how we feel about it...and so on
5-I can only sit and create for short periods of time before my legs and hips go
I create during a time of day when my body is feeling really good.
6-I cannot create if I am HOT...the temps have to be cool or cold...just makes me feel
more comfortable..(strange but true)
7-Love having my dogs around my feet..and chair while I create...they are great company
and once in a while - they lick my legs to remind me they are a kiss!!!

Well - that is my answer to this past week's creative prompt from Studio Friday...
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


Anke said...

Thanks for sharing, really interesting how everybody has her/his own habits to start creating. Smiles Anke ;)

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Hi Ellie, I agree with Anke. It's fun to see other artist's habits.

I mainly use color pencils for now due to portability.

I create with my daughter, too!

Matt said...


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