Thursday, December 06, 2007


Today I played with calmer colors...This first one is called 8 point tan star.
I felt better yesterday afternoon and played away in paint shop felt good.
In playing I actually created three kaleidoscopes...
I guess I was on a roll.
The top one is my favorite...but
Here is the next one:

I have no idea how I created this one...just playing with filters and this one popped out..
I said that it had feather dusters in it...(my daughter found that hysterical for some
I like the soft colors. But plain sort of.

Here is the last one:
This one reminded me of Indian feathers (almost like a dream catcher)and
it almost looks three dimensional.
I like them I wanted to share them all.
The soft colors are a change for me - but it is soothing to the eye I think...
Soft and subtle~
Well more later on...
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


coconutannies said...

Hi Ellie -
I'm in Vero Beach!:)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Ellie,

I am a bright color person too - but there is something about the colors and form on these that really sing for me!!

They are wonderful!

Thank you for coming by!

~ Diane Clancy