Monday, December 03, 2007


Here is my next piece in my series of Kaleidoscopes...

My daughter named this one...Looking hence the name.
I like the layered look it has with the star shapes (towards the middle)...I have no idea how I did that.
I really do not want to know to be honest...I like the free flow playing that I have
been doing in paint shop pro. I don't want to have it all planned out that it becomes routine
rather then off the cuff creativeness. (does that make sense?)

So I played some more with the above image and created the following...a mosaic.

I like the look of the mosaic....really seems put together to me.
It was fun to create...
Now I went one more step....and this is what I created when I played with some filters:

The reason I am including this creation is because I immediately thought
how cool this would look as a background paper for something else...
to add it to a collage piece or for scrapbooking, or the background for an ATC card.
I like the pattern...I really surprised myself with it.

So I have been creating away and thinking of different things to do with
my creations and it has been nice to have ideas and see where they lead.
I just happen to LOVE the color purple so I think that helps with the

Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!
Have a BEAUTIFUL creative day!!


Anke said...

Oh yes I know what you mean with going with the flow. That is the relaxing and fullfilling part. I usually have that 'time feeling loss', be totally involved in my art process when I just play along what comes out spontanousely. So enjoy it, plus like you said it keeps it interesting, like a happy surprise everyday, who wouldn't like it!
I love purple as a color as well. The last one would be for sure a great background for other projects. Looking forward to see your ideas you have already to create with it further.

Vanessa said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for stopping by my blog. You are entered in the give-away!