Saturday, December 08, 2007


After I made this new one....I could not stop staring because I realized
that in playing I created a textured look to it...hmmmmm now that was fun.
I really like the mix of colors in this one..different hues of pink, blues, aqua marine, and greens.. almost looks knitted to me.
I am loving the triangles in it and the petals and just everything.
So just to do a bit more or maybe make it look more plain - you decide
I created the next one too:This one still textured - concentrates more on the middle...
Now if I could only do it again ~~~~nah!!!! I like each unique one!
These were fun...I hope you all are enjoying this series...
As you can tell I am hooked on it...I think it is because
I keep creating unique pieces and so I just keep going until
I think I have created all there is...strange!!!!
Well Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

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