Friday, December 07, 2007


YES - back to color.....this one is called Fiery Star...I love love the colors in it...
It looks like the star in the center is just exploding (at least that is my version).
There is no rhyme or reason to my creations...just letting the creative flow take
over and play play play in PSP.
Still fighting the darn headache....maybe that is why I like this one - because I think
my head is exploding too....LOL
Actually I just might get this one printed out on glossy photo paper...
I like how it makes me feel!!!
I think this one so far has invoked the most emotion from me..
the colors make me feel alive and excited...exploding with energy..hmmm!
I think I will enter this one for Studio Friday - the topic is EMOTION!

So what is everyone else creating?
Are your creative juices flowing?
What do you do to keep them flowing?
(just asking~I'm nosy!)
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


Barone said...

This is an ecstatic piece full of color yes but also the movement of the ripples...fabulous! I also posted art work of the often seems what I am working on that day is what fills me with emotion.
jodi barone

Anke said...

Hi Ellie, sure hope your headache will get better soon. Must be sooo horrible to have that pain for more than a couple hours.
Love your exploding Star, it has for sure a lot of emotion in it! Looking forward to see more of your wonderful Caleidoscopes! Greetings and feel better smiles from over here!