Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well it is DREAMBOARD time -
My friend SUZIE....hosts a dreamboard topic every month and if you want to participate
you can create some form of art--that to you speaks of that topic...
this month it is "Making Wishes For Others"

So The above ATC card is my wishes for others (including you all)...I hope
all your dreams and wishes come true!!
May this moon--winter solstice - time of year - grant what you want and need!!

Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

Friday, December 05, 2008


I am getting into the Christmas spirit - so I thought I would create
an ATC card just for that reason!!!
I am so not into all the hustle and bustle - but I love having any kind of Christmas
tree up at my house (this year we have a small one)...and seeing gifts under it for others...
and the lights on the tree glowing away!
Just so much fun!

I know the card is simple but so the holiday should be too!
Share your Christmas Spirit today with others!!!
I will enter this creation in CED (create every day)...
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I did it - I created lil bits of art every day for the month of November!!
I cannot believe I actually made it -
and the great part is that the art just flowed...there was NOT one day where I was
stuck over something to create - everything just flowed..came together and to be
honest - I really love each and every piece of ATC cards that I made...
30 days 30 ATCS!

I am so proud of me - It was a great challenge for me - and it helped me to break
through A LOT of self doubt that I had. I am also surprised that I created only
ATC cards - it was not my intention to stick to one medium - one form of artwork - but
I did - because the ideas were just flowing - and coming to mind so easily!!

The above ATC I just loved - polar bears remind me of coca cola (one of my favorite drinks)
and the skating just cracks me up.

I thank you all for your support and encouraging comments - you have no idea how much
your support help to guide me through this month of challenge!
I so appreciate your kindness!
This is my final ATC entry for AEDM for 2008.
What a great ride!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking~!~

Saturday, November 29, 2008


When I saw this snowman - with the quirky look on its face - I just knew
I had to make an ATC card out of it...nothing fancy...just enough
to show off the snowman and its stars.
Of course I like it first and foremost because it is purple - now how cool is that.

I think I am stuck on snowman because I have not seen any in over 20 years...
So I have to get my fill of it somehow.

This is my entry today for AEDM...only one more day to go to this
"creative challenge".
Thanks so much for stopping by and looking!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Here are a couple of more penguins from that series...but these two are in love.
Can you just feel it.....LOL.
The little hearts says "Love Never Melts".
I think they are adorable - I love the floating flowers...I wanted to use flowers instead
of hearts but giving the same effect.
No real quote on this - I think the hand holding speaks volumes!!!

This is my entry for Friday for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!


Here is my entry for Thursday -
my wish to you all

Thanks for stopping by and looking!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I found this penguin and thought it was just too cute - so I had to make it into
an ATC card....the hearts are kind of whimsy looking....but I really like
his scarf.

Again - no quotes or anything - so that it can be used for whatever occasion comes up.
Personally I am starting to like it that way - saves a lot of time - and trying to match up
words is just not as easy as you might think.

This is my entry today for AEDM...only 5 days left to Art Every Day Month..
what a wonderful and creative challenge it has been - I am thrilled I have made it
this far.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Now this is hardy snowman - I so love the sweater that he has on.
I created this one as part of a series with the one below....again the snowflakes are
too cute, along with the mittens....
No quotes or sayings on it....just ATC's that you can decide in your head what it means or
what it is saying to you.

Sometimes adding text to ATC's is forcing an identity to it that perhaps other
people do not see or feel about it.
Usually I use quotes or sayings when a theme is already set in my mind about what
I am creating!

This is my entry for today (tuesday) for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!


Today (Monday) it seems I am just running late trying to get everything posted.
Woke up with a nasty migraine headache and just slept the time head would not
let me do anything else.

The above is my ATC for Monday - snow people....I like it because again it is
simple - but the colors (or lack there of) kind of bum me out.
I would have to say my favorite thing is the snowflakes - just too cute...

I like the playfulness of it all....
This is my entry for Monday for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here is yet another fall/autumn ATC card that I created....this one again is pretty simple.
I like it because it used country like elements that gives it
a home feel for me....especially the hearts at the top and the girl.

I also seem to be leaning towards the warm colors - most likely because of the time of year.
I only have one week left to Art Every Day Month.....
this year really has flowed for straining to try and figure out what to do or what
to create - just going with the flow and it has really worked out.

We will see what the last week brings to the creative front...
This is my entry for today for AEDM...
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Again I am running a bit late - I still have a few fall/autumn ATC cards that I wanted
to create and show...and the one above is one of them.

I am definitely partial to anything that has wings - it just feels right to me.
I have kept this one simple also - I think the THANKFUL says it all.
The little buttons are too cute

This is my entry for today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~

Friday, November 21, 2008


I created this ATC just experimenting with different elements again....just wanted to keep
things simple and see what comes up.
I love the poodle - just so stuck on itself....
and I like the little jewels....I think it is the other colors
I am still trying to figure out if I like or not.
But I created it so I am showing it.

I think the difference between this year creating every day and last year is that
this year I am allowing myself to just test things out...that it does not have to be perfect.
It does not have to follow any particular theme...that I can just let things
flow and experiment with different things and it is all good...there are no
wrongs or mistakes - just creative waves....

So this is my entry today for AEDM...
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just having fun - putting together another Snow Girl. I seem to be on an ATC kick lately - just in case you have not noticed....I think I am finally getting the hang of them. Making this ATC card seemed especially appropriate since
today in Florida, we woke up to 39 degrees outside (quite cold for here).
No quotes on this one either - I just like the mix of colors - like aqua snowflakes and pink ones...actually the snowflakes are just too cute!

This one was fun - I think it would make a cute Christmas card - but it is so small.
This is my entry today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This ATC makes me think about when I was a little girl - just frilly and whimsy.
Having your best friend and doing things together!
This one really just flowed...I started with the words "best friends" and this is
the ATC card I came up with.
I really like the way it came out...I also like the fun colors....bright and cheery.

Who could resist those smirky kind of faces and the little dragon flies flying around...
just too much fun!
This is my entry for AEDM today.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here is another fall type ATC I created....I got the title from a very
old movie I remember seeing on TV when I was growing up.
The quote on the card was also the name of the movie.
The summary of the movie was about - a man who went to teach (I think)
in some remote little town in Alaska.
He was not really accepted at first - then slowly became part of the community...
and one of the beliefs of these people (of Indian culture) is that when it is
your time - you can hear the Owl call your name. That is when you know your time has come.

The movie captured my interest and I have always remembered the
this card is about that movie!
This is my entry today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here is another whimsical ATC that I played around with. I really like the
different patterns used on the makes them fun!
No Quotes - no special meaning - just having fun putting different elements
together and seeing what comes up.

The butterflies are just too cute - even the sun has polka dots.
I like doing these simple ATC's because it seems I am not feeling the pressure
of having to create something each and every time with some deep meaning!

It is very late Monday night but this is my entry for Monday's AEDM.
Thanks so much for stopping by and looking!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


As I think I said previously here is another autumn ATC that I had created.
I like this one because again it is simple and when I think of fall I truly think of rakes and how many weekends my brother and I spent raking leaves and leaves and leaves - we could not stand it...
but I also got a chance to collect all the brightly colored leaves I wanted...
and I remember always feeling the texture....and the veins that went through them...
also jumping in a pile of leaves was the ultimate in fun!

I seem to be running behind again -yesterday's entry says sunday but it is suppose to say
Saturday - I guess I blogged too late - today's ATC is for Sunday!!
It is also for my entry for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


Here is an ATC card that should bring a smile to your face - at least a grin...a reminder
of summer - I so love the colors and the whimsical feel of the card...I love it when
trees do not look like trees and birds do not look like

This card should make anyone just grin and the cuteness of it all...LOL.
How many times in your life can you actually say I have seen a curly sun just shinning away!?
Yes the card is pretty simple but I really was laughing while making it and wanted to
keep it simple and whimsy like!

This is my fun entry today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Another ATC created without using any quotes.....I really like this one...
love the pink hues....and the crown on the snowgirl.
I like the idea that it is simple....I can always add a quote or wording
to it at a later time if I find an occasion to. Love the flowers and the little hearts!
It is over
Pink to me - is a happy color!

I have not seen a snowman in over 20 years - so this is my version and probably as
close as I will ever get again to any!
This is my entry for AEDM.

Thanks for stopping by and Looking!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Again - I feel like I am running late - The days seem to be flying by.
The above is an ATC card I made but I have kept it quotes, no special meaning
behind it. I did this so I could use it for any occasion that may come up...sounds strange yes
but sometimes - things just do not fit any special quote or meaning.

I so love the ducky - and I also love the soft colors - kind of pastels in it.
I made a couple of cards like this....Just enjoying the process of putting them together
but not labeling them anything quite yet...maybe one day I will but not right now!

This is my entry for today for AEDM...
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friend ScaredSuzie turned me onto creating dreamboards - there is a topic that is chosen and then you create a dreamboard (out of any materials - in any shape or form) expressing what that topic means to you....This is my first participation - and I really was hit by the topic
The words in red are the things that I have been facing in the last 6 months or so...
I think there are many boundaries holding my true self down and this topic really called out to me to participate...NOW the projects are not based on ART rather on self-expression.
This topic really flowed for me!

I am also going to use this for my entry today (wednesday) for AEDM...I do not want to burn out trying to create something that is not flowing!!

Thanks for stopping by and Looking!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am still running behind - seems like I am getting to everything later and later.
That is what happens when you have to share your computer with your hunnie!

Well the card above is my rendition of how someone feels when there is a good bye involved with someone they love!
I love the gothic outfit the girl is wearing -just reminds me of the young people I see around.
I like the way it turned out. Even tho it is a sad topic - it makes me feel like I have delivered a message through my art...that is what I am trying to achieve.
I think black and red are very dramatic colors when used together.
Both colors invoke strong emotions on their own - and together they are dynamite!

Did you ever have those moments that made you truly sad when you had to
say good bye to someone who meant something to you?
This is my entry for today's AEDM....made it to the 11th day mark!
Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Monday, November 10, 2008


It is still monday here - I am running behind everything now -darn it!!!
Here is another autumn ATC card I made - I think I am hooked on the warm colors.
I like the quote on this one - Autumn is a second spring with every flower a very cool and true!
I do not think the scarecrow will scare away anything - but she is cute - yes it is a girl!!!

I just love fall but from I heard from friends living up north - they are just praying for no major snow before December...some have already gotten some snow - that is so crazy!!!
It is still hurricane season here - tho I think the season has died down - yes I know about palermo but that did not affect Florida - just made bigger waves here.

Well this is my entry for today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!


WOW - I am so far behind - I guess my body needed a break on sunday because I was out for the majority of the day!
Then my hunnie got on my puter and spent the whole day on it - what a pain!
So today is going to have two entries - one now one later!
The above is called - under the sea....yes I know not truly original but good enough for me!
I kept it simple - and in this one I only used metal elements to put it together...I thought
it would be a different look...just experimenting.
I so love sea horses - they are just the coolest to watch - and the male of the species are the ones that give birth....what an interesting!

I like the look of the metal - but I do not know how much I would really use it...but I am totally fascinated by life under the sea...we used to have several fish tanks in our house - and plan on restarting them...I so love watching fish!
Did you know that watching fish is is a natural way to calm down, bring your blood pressure down, to make your heart stop beating so hard - to give your mind a peaceful feeling!
Now how cool is that!
This is my sunday entry for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking~!~

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Today I am feeling spiritual - feels good - hence the ATC card I created.
Believe it or not - it just came to me - might look kind of thrown together - but actually
I spent a lot of time putting it together- putting things on then off then on then off...drove myself
nuts them I just stopped forcing myself to get it done and the above is what came to me.
I like it - I have been taking a course/class in soul coaching - so I think that is where
the spirituality has come in.
I think in some ways - we are all searching how to enrich our souls, our hearts, our lives..
it is just the road we take that is different - but the longing for it is the same!

I so love her blue hair - her look is almost mysterious - yet daring!!
So what is your soul searching for?
This is my entry for AEDM....
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!