Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here is yet another fall/autumn ATC card that I created....this one again is pretty simple.
I like it because it used country like elements that gives it
a home feel for me....especially the hearts at the top and the girl.

I also seem to be leaning towards the warm colors - most likely because of the time of year.
I only have one week left to Art Every Day Month.....
this year really has flowed for straining to try and figure out what to do or what
to create - just going with the flow and it has really worked out.

We will see what the last week brings to the creative front...
This is my entry for today for AEDM...
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~


Trish said...

love the ATC-I can't believe there's only another week of AEDM left:(
This month has flown by!

Betty said...

Awe I love this one. So cute, so much detail. I love the big pumpkin