Sunday, November 30, 2008


I did it - I created lil bits of art every day for the month of November!!
I cannot believe I actually made it -
and the great part is that the art just flowed...there was NOT one day where I was
stuck over something to create - everything just flowed..came together and to be
honest - I really love each and every piece of ATC cards that I made...
30 days 30 ATCS!

I am so proud of me - It was a great challenge for me - and it helped me to break
through A LOT of self doubt that I had. I am also surprised that I created only
ATC cards - it was not my intention to stick to one medium - one form of artwork - but
I did - because the ideas were just flowing - and coming to mind so easily!!

The above ATC I just loved - polar bears remind me of coca cola (one of my favorite drinks)
and the skating just cracks me up.

I thank you all for your support and encouraging comments - you have no idea how much
your support help to guide me through this month of challenge!
I so appreciate your kindness!
This is my final ATC entry for AEDM for 2008.
What a great ride!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking~!~


Dia said...

Congrads for making it to the Finish Line!! I'm afraid I got distracted by 'Soul Coaching,' so didn't get as much accomplished here as I intended! But my space is getting closer to ready, & I have enjoyed checking in.

Love your polar bear :)

KathrynAntyr said...

congratulations on living a creative life! I just started the challenge yesterday and intend to move it forward by a month. I've been creative on a daily basis but now I will intentionally do so. So far on day two, I'm thinking consciously about how I can be creative.

What's next for you? More daily creativity I hope!

Anke said...

Yeah Ellie! Congratulations!!!! That is a great success!!!!!! Keep on going!!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed your snowmans....makes me want to build one, but the snow that is falling down today doesn't's mostly muddy in the end. Not nice at all.
Before I forget I have an award for you, check it out on my blog.
Things are kind of going slow here right now, wonder why??????Anyway I'm doing good, now just the weather has get better and some sun would be nice, but looks like a typical grey prewinter so far.
Smiles and hugs, Anke ;)

Anonymous said...

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