Monday, November 10, 2008


WOW - I am so far behind - I guess my body needed a break on sunday because I was out for the majority of the day!
Then my hunnie got on my puter and spent the whole day on it - what a pain!
So today is going to have two entries - one now one later!
The above is called - under the sea....yes I know not truly original but good enough for me!
I kept it simple - and in this one I only used metal elements to put it together...I thought
it would be a different look...just experimenting.
I so love sea horses - they are just the coolest to watch - and the male of the species are the ones that give birth....what an interesting!

I like the look of the metal - but I do not know how much I would really use it...but I am totally fascinated by life under the sea...we used to have several fish tanks in our house - and plan on restarting them...I so love watching fish!
Did you know that watching fish is is a natural way to calm down, bring your blood pressure down, to make your heart stop beating so hard - to give your mind a peaceful feeling!
Now how cool is that!
This is my sunday entry for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking~!~

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Emmi said...

Happy Monday ... glad the hunnie isn't occupying your computer again today. =D