Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Here is another fall type ATC I created....I got the title from a very
old movie I remember seeing on TV when I was growing up.
The quote on the card was also the name of the movie.
The summary of the movie was about - a man who went to teach (I think)
in some remote little town in Alaska.
He was not really accepted at first - then slowly became part of the community...
and one of the beliefs of these people (of Indian culture) is that when it is
your time - you can hear the Owl call your name. That is when you know your time has come.

The movie captured my interest and I have always remembered the story...so
this card is about that movie!
This is my entry today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking~!~


Leah said...

cute owl!! :-)

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Ellie,
Love the owl! That movie sounds familiar to me...maybe I have seen it. I hope you have a beautiful thanksgiving with your family.


carin.c said...

Wonderful ATC and great story behind the title. Very interesting.

PS - You've been randomly tagged. Check out my blog for details.