Monday, November 10, 2008


It is still monday here - I am running behind everything now -darn it!!!
Here is another autumn ATC card I made - I think I am hooked on the warm colors.
I like the quote on this one - Autumn is a second spring with every flower a very cool and true!
I do not think the scarecrow will scare away anything - but she is cute - yes it is a girl!!!

I just love fall but from I heard from friends living up north - they are just praying for no major snow before December...some have already gotten some snow - that is so crazy!!!
It is still hurricane season here - tho I think the season has died down - yes I know about palermo but that did not affect Florida - just made bigger waves here.

Well this is my entry for today for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!


Leah said...

this is very sweet, ellie! great work!

cw2smom said...

Ellie! That card is adorable! I love the fact that it's a girl scarecrow! Love the quote as well! You are sooo talented! Keep up the great work! Lisa

Anke said...

HI Ellie! This quote is awesome! I guess it's true....this year I kind of enjoy fall time the first time all the way.....maybe it's the focus on the little things/details that changed my opinion about fall time. The little scarecrow is so cute.......wish you a great day, smiles, Anke ;)

thebeaddreamer said...

What a lovely thought and beautiful blog. Your art work is very nice. Thank you for sharing it.