Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Now this is hardy snowman - I so love the sweater that he has on.
I created this one as part of a series with the one below....again the snowflakes are
too cute, along with the mittens....
No quotes or sayings on it....just ATC's that you can decide in your head what it means or
what it is saying to you.

Sometimes adding text to ATC's is forcing an identity to it that perhaps other
people do not see or feel about it.
Usually I use quotes or sayings when a theme is already set in my mind about what
I am creating!

This is my entry for today (tuesday) for AEDM.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!!!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, how do you make all of these Ellie? They're amazing. I bought some ATC cards while in Toronto. I hope that now the moon is going into Sagittarius I will feel creative again and give it a shot. Time to start thinking about your next dreamboard too!