Friday, July 23, 2010


My Friend Bunnie sent me this picture because she wanted
to show me what

she was interested in sketching......I thought it was
beautiful and decided

to paint it digitally as a surprise for her.
I do like the way it came out - soft looking.Took me several
weeks but it felt very therapeutic working on it!

I also thought the colors were really sharp -
I really enjoyed painting this one - a creative healing and gift!!
So what did you create lately - let me know!!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Sorry about the very grainy and blurry photo - but that is the best I could do right now in
my puter room - there is no light - it is driving me nuts.....
anyway - I just wanted to try out a zentangle in the shape of a rectangle - It is
different from my usual ones - always trying something new...!
I think tho that I do prefer the circle (mandalas) shape and the hand shape...
I feel more creative with those shapes.But the one above was fun to make - and got me thinking of other shapes and such
so it was a successful creative session for me.
Thanks for stopping by and checking things out....
Until Next Time ..... Create For The Fun Of It~!~