Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Sorry about the very grainy and blurry photo - but that is the best I could do right now in
my puter room - there is no light - it is driving me nuts.....
anyway - I just wanted to try out a zentangle in the shape of a rectangle - It is
different from my usual ones - always trying something new...!
I think tho that I do prefer the circle (mandalas) shape and the hand shape...
I feel more creative with those shapes.But the one above was fun to make - and got me thinking of other shapes and such
so it was a successful creative session for me.
Thanks for stopping by and checking things out....
Until Next Time ..... Create For The Fun Of It~!~


nanke's stuff said...

Zentangles are so soothing and fun to do. I like the white spaces you left in this one - well done! nancy

Julie Jordan Scott said...

So great to read you again!!

I can almost feel the "holding in" quality of this zentangle.

The birth of my chapbooks.

Kelly Warren said...

those zentangles fascinate me. very cool. i've been itching to try them but haven't started yet. i imagine they can be addicting! hope you are well!