Sunday, June 27, 2010


WOW - talk about falling off the face of the planet - no I didn't but I sure
disappear for long periods of time - I am sorry....
I thought I would upload a digital painting I recently completed...the good
news is I have stayed somewhat creative - it is very restrictive due to construction
happening at the old homestead - hopefully things will settle out soon...
all of my art supplies are packed away - our new computer/craft room is not ready
yet to move into.Anyway - in between the chaos I created this rose which I am really pleased
with - very soft to me and I love the yellow in it!
It took me several long weeks to complete it - I have no idea why but I
am glad it is done and I can finally share it.
Hope that you all are staying creative in your corner of the universe....
Thanks for stopping by - Be The Creative You~!~


Marilyn said...

I love the yellow rose. Yes I was beginning to think that you had fallen off this earth. I wish you would either let me call you or you come chat with me sometime soon. I really miss you.

Stephanie said...

very pretty rose. Digital painting is so much fun. Just remember that you are going to love the homestead once all the construction is done. cheers!