Friday, December 28, 2007


Today I happily created....I seem to be dragging again - just feeling out of sorts...but
I don't feel like I am in such a fog so this is good....
The above image looked like a stretched star to me...(hence the title)..I like the look
though the colors are not as bright as I was hoping I played some more...

So I played with more filters and again played with my favorite mosaic one..
and this is what I created...though again the colors were not bright enough for me..
However I do suggest that you click on the mosaic image because it looks SO MUCH BETTER
in a bigger image...I created more little mosaic pieces in this they look smaller...but
the image looks so much more defined - which I like...
Then of course I still wanted to brighten up the look and this is what happened:
LOVE IT!!!! This one was manipulated with the watercolor filter...I so love
the brightness of the colors....and if you click on the has such a cool watercolor
look to it...really turned out nice...made me very HAPPY!!! This is a good thing!!
Well - this is was...and I thank you for stopping by and Looking...Have a great friday!!!

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Leah said...

oo, i love how the mosaic one looks! i just had this image of how cool it would be to print that one out and use it as the inspiration for a table covered in a mosaic with this pattern!

happy, happy holidays, ellie! xoxox