Thursday, December 20, 2007


Feeling better - not so dragging today (Thank God) of course I played a while in
Paint Shop was fun (as always) and came up with three creations that make
me feel happy today.
The top one seems almost dreamy to me...I like the soft lines -waviness and it has a
flower look to me..I also like the way the colors work with each other.
So playing with some more filters - this is my next one:

This one I added a watercolor filter to...really looks terrific (to me)
and then of course I had to work with mosaic filters (my favorite) and this next one
popped up:
I am really pleased with the results...really enjoyed creating today...
it relaxed me...and made me feel like I really accomplished something.
Well - I am really pleased with myself - I have been on a roll to blog and create
every day now since the beginning of November...This is a HUGE brave step for
me because it takes A LOT of inner strength for me to share my creations...I am
so in fear of being rejected or someone claiming that what I do is NOT art..
Truly it scares me...but today I am feeling so much more better with it.
So - I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL thursday - enjoy it all.
Thanks so much for stopping by and Looking!!!


Firefly Hill said...

I love this one Ellie. Something about the color combinations--it is so warm and just really catches the eye. Great job.

Happy Holidays!


Anke said...

I love them! Wow they are so powerful! Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it! Just stopping by real quick, eating lunch soon and than going for a foto drive, it's icy outside and I want to catch some trees ;)