Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I did this piece a few days ago...I just could not create yesterday...both yesterday
and today for some reason I am fighting a heck of a headache.
The temps here dropped from 80's to 40's so I am hoping that is the reason
behind the headaches...
BUT - I will not let that stop me from having
The piece above reminds me of tye dying I used to do in girl scouts.
I really like the way it turned out...just more playing in the kaleidoscope series...
I did manage to finally get myself in gear and made some of my digital paintings into
motivational posters...I have already had a couple of them printed out on
glossy photo paper...I am really happy with the way they turned out.
Of course they are not perfect( I mean my digital paintings)
- but they are made by me and that made
it wonderful!! (another brave step for me...moving forward with my art).
I really wanted to do that to start selling them in an etsy store...I have not created
the store yet...if you have a store...I would love to know how you like etsy and I had a few questions about it:
1-was it easy to set up
2-do you use paypal - and was that easy to set up
3-do you feel it is worth it
4-what are some hints or tips you may have for setting up a shop

Also I had a couple of my digital paintings made into soon as I get them
I will upload them and show you all...I just might give away a couple...if people are
THANKS for stopping by and Looking!!!


coconutannies said...

Hi Ellie! I'm so glad you're bravely making art for the sake of art! I have an Etsy shop - I don't know how helpful I can be - I've only sold 1 item (but I haven't worked at updating or promoting much either). I think that it was easy to set up! Getting your banner just right is probably the hardest part! The fees are VERY reasonable - 20 cents per item for several MONTHS of listing! I do think that it is important to find your niche there - something that people are looking for. I would say it's definitely worth a try! It's fun - go for it!
Hugs, Laura
p.s Are you in FL too?

Anke said...

Hi Ellie, hope your headaches are better. I usually have that problem too, when the pressure is changing. Oh this Starburst Kaleidoscope is so mystical looking. Like it's carrying a secret. It's kind of recalming too, looking at it. Thanks for the eyes vacation ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like this exactly do you do it? beautiful colours

altermyworld said...

Hi Ellie,
I have an Etsy shop and i buy from Etsy all the time, it is supper easy to sign up, super easy .
The thing with Etsy is to constantly put stuff in your shop as it is very easy to get "lost" in the wonderful shops/
Paypal has been very good for me, I have had one for about 2 years and its wonderful. Easy to use, easy to understand,.
I do hope your headache is better. Please send me your address as i have something for you.
My email is
Hints for the shop: Keep the cost reasonable for you and for the consumer. oFFER free gifts with purchase, A way to get people interested.
I do hope this helps.