Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have so much to say in this entry....hope you are ready for it!!!
First I did this ATC card inspired by and dedicated to my dear Friend Anke....She has always encouraged me
and has been so kind to HERE to check out her art blog..She spoke in one entry about
dots and lines...creating with those I have kept that in the back of my mind and
came up with the above card....I like the bright colors in it...and the simplicity. THANKS ANKE for always making me feel good about creating!!!
Now the next news is that someone sent me a comment..and they said I "inspired them" OMG...
I cried....I have been searching and reading and researching all kinds of art blogs and inspirational web pages..just trying to get ideas...get what appeals to me
to pursue!!! Then low and behold...some wonderful person sends me a message saying that my digital paintings inspire them...I am so very honored and filled with a renewed sense of creating
because in the first 10 days of creating art...SO MANY positive things have happened to me
and I now know I am NOT alone in A LOT of my feelings of doubt and fear and apprehension but also that there are SO MANY supportive individuals out there who are total strangers but now kindred spirits and friends who encourage me....I AM BLESSED!!!
Hearing that I inspire someone makes me realize that it is OK to move on to the next
level and pursue further where my creative muse takes me...I still have so many ideas
swirling around my head...I do know for sure that one of the next steps is that
I want to open my own etsy shop. This will be a HUGE step for me...I am terrified...scared I will not sell anything...but my Hunnie (Bless His Heart) says it is ok if I don't because just
giving it a try is what is important and he is so right!!!
So I need to really read all I can on the Etsy shops (I have read a lot already but I want to be sure I understand everything) and get some things together to
put in it and I will let you all know when I have things set up. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful tips about the etsy shops PLEASE let me know...I welcome any and all help!
So that is all the news that is fit to print at this time....thanks for reading all about it and thanks for checking out my Day 11 entry for AEDM.
BTW---I want to especially THANK all of you that leave comments on my blog here...
Your messages really fill my heart with such happiness and truly that is saying A TON if you just
knew how hard to was to get to this point in my please know that you have lifted
my inner soul and creative muse to a much better place!


Anke said...

Oh Ellie you are so sweet, thanks so much! The card is another great happy. I sure wish you all the best with the etsy shop, I know you must be scared but hey, you created everyday for the last 11 days, so you can do the next step as well! Go for it! You have my support for sure! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beautiful artwork ;)

lee said...

Hey all artists have the same thoughts, I am not good enough, oh look at their work mine does not compare. That is not true, your art is you....and it is good.

altermyworld said...

You are an inspiration Ellie, you are so beautiufl and caring and your art is peaceful and loving, what more could the world ask for?