Saturday, November 17, 2007


My friend Anke offers challenges in her blog called CREATIVE SPIRITS CONNECT.
I have wanted to participate...the last challenge is altering photos...but my photos are all
digital..I don't have them printed I could not figure out how I was going to participate in this challenge. Then today it came to me - (I seem to be running on slow as far as my thinking goes) I can manipulate my photo in paint shop pro and see what I come up with. (I don't think Anke was thinking digitally) But I played around with filters I have never used before and the above are the results...I know the photo is small and you cannot see all the details - sorry...I am just going to leave it like that because
I don't want to mess up anything...but I had fun!!!
The picture is of my three kids during a visit in April 2007.
So this is my answer to the challenge...Thanks for Looking!!!


Anke said...

Thanks Ellie for participating! Digital altered fotos are great too. I guess I should have wrote that in my explanation too. Never really thought about not having printed out fotos. Glad you still joined and showed the result of having fun ;) That's all it matters, to have fun and try new topic will be up this week. By the way, I like how you made a mosaic out of the same foto but every one in a different style.Have a great sunday ;)

Neuro Linguistic Programming said...
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