Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Now this ATC card was fun. I just kept playing with filters and adding bits and pieces to it
and this is the result. I actually was able to create my own lil bits of paper (and multiplying images I made up - geez I wish I could remember how I did it) and make
the whole thing look like a collage.
The reason I do not remember how I did it is because when I get into the creative mode sort
of thinking working digitally - I tend to just keep playing without over thinking on it...just trying to keep playing without any rhythm or reason to it...I find things come out better that way.
I like the blues in it. To me it is soft, mellow...soothing colors...nothing harsh.
This one actually made me feel good too.
During one of my blog hopping activities I came across this site called STUDIO FRIDAY.
Every monday a word is given as a challenge..I was interested because I know
I need a bit of inspiration coming at me in different directions to stretch myself and my
thinking... (Tine - who owns the web site is SUPER nice) so check it out for yourself..
Well Thanks for dropping by and giving my site a look...
The ATC card is my entry for Day 21 of AEDM..
(remember 21 days straight of doing anything becomes a habit...hmmm I so hope so - this is another mile marker I have reached - doing a happy dance here).

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Anke said...

Oh this one looks like big fun!!!! It's an eye catcher! I love it.
Studio Friday is for sure fun, hope to see you there ;))))