Sunday, November 04, 2007


Here is my art for today...this took me two and a half days to complete...I was struggling
with all the lil details...that is one thing that still needs working on...but I like the way it
turned roses! I painted this digitally from a photo I received in a group I belong to.
I just realized that I have been doing a brave thing every day without even realizing it...
I have been creating AND sharing my artwork freely with strangers in other groups
that I just joined...displaying my art in different flickr groups...this is a HUGE step for me
because I just never feel like my work is good enough to show others...but I have taken these
steps and so far so good!
WOW...this BE BRAVE thing is cool....
Thanks for looking!!!

1 comment:

Anke said...

Ellie, that is so great and hey it's even greater that you did something brave without knowing it first. Isn't it great what art can do to you? Keep on going!