Monday, November 19, 2007


I have been doing a BRAVE thing (one of the things on my list) for about two weeks or so now..
I have been sitting outside in the evening with my hunnie.
I convinced him we needed a fire pit...just to hang around and talk and such...
and he went out and bought one I showed him on a website.
He did this because if the truth be family has been trying to get me to leave the
comfort of inside my house.
It is almost impossible...I believe I already mentioned that I am being inside, in
my puter room, is total heaven for me...but I have been making this grand effort(a major Brave step) to at least go
outside my front door and sit for a few minutes...well I am up to 2 hours.
We go out after it is dark and light up the fire pit and just look at the stars (I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful the stars can be...we also had a night of shooting stars last night), and talk about
whatever comes to mind.
Well my mind has become much more relaxed and I am feeling much more creative.
More ideas swirling around my head...more questions to ask...planning out get the idea.
Well after I came in today...I decided to make another ATC card with color...warm colors...the way I was feeling...warm and secure...and this is what I came up with:

I really like this ATC the warm colors...the pattern of the pieces...
truly it makes me smile to look at it...I am pleased with the results..
This is my entry for Day 19 of AEDM.
I really enjoyed making this one...THANKS for taking a look!


Holly said...

Sitting outside and looking at the stars is something we should all take more time to do.
You've inspired me to take that time!

Leah said...

congratulations on all the brave steps you've been taking! that's so wonderful to hear!

i love this mosaic piece. it's really lovely and warm.

altermyworld said...

WOW! Ellie that is totally awesome, you are being brave and doing brave which is much harder than i can imagine. Your ATC is gorgeous. i too love the colours.
And your pit sounds heavenly.
My mom and dad have one and when i went home this summer we had a huge bonfire and roasted shrimp and hotdogs and then of course marshmellows. they were yummy.
You go girl.