Friday, November 16, 2007


Well I went ahead and did it...I created my own MANDALA...I have seen these wonderful objects in several blogs and decided to try it out(they are definitely things that have been inspiring me this past month)....I have to fix my printer so I could not print out a template that I have of a premade mandala (uncolored) so I designed my own in paint shop pro and colored it in digitally....I wanted to use bright colors to attract ones' attention. I am also still
playing with the concept of lines and this is what I of my most favorite shapes is of course I had to put one made me smile when I was done because
of all the bright colors...a bit crude in the creation of it...but I think a darn good try for a first time.
I also updated my everyday blog - would love for you all to go check it is an interesting entry to say the least...the words just flowed!
So my mandala is my entry for Day 16 of AEDM.
Thanks for Looking!!!!

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Jana B said...

I love PSP!!!!!!!

I love the mandala you created, and kudos for you for figuring out a way to creatively make one without being able to print off paper!

Way to go on your first PSP mandala!!!! I love how you did it!