Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Yes I know - I have painted another yellow flower but it seems I am attracted to
very bright and vibrant colors and I cannot help myself - LOL.
Yellow is a color that makes people happy (
whether they know it or not)
also gives off or makes one feel very energetic - so perhaps that
is why I am prone to painting more yellow flowers then other colors...hmmm!
Well it is Day 4 and here is my painting for today-

This is a yellow Narcisuss..almost looks like a daffodil--
I like finding pictures that have a bright subject and the background
is darker--makes those beautiful colors just stand out!!
Anyway--I want to THANK all you wonderful visitors for stopping by-
I appreciate the feedback and kind words--you really are
contributing to a lot of healing for me - and supporting me and
for that there are no words to express how I feel...
Thanks - and Come back tomorrow to see what I have in store-
Peace and Happy Creating~!~


Julie Jordan Scott said...

When I see or hear about Narcissis, I manage to reflect back to work I did with a Monologue from Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie.

Bright yellow was my favorite color as a child. I needed that sunny color as a protection. It is now my son's favorite color. I hadn't made that connection until just this moment and you shared your beautiful, very vivid painting.

Love the rich color and gentle texture.

Kelly said...

I love yellow too. Beautiful!

diane said...

I'm another lover of yellow. We actually painted a wall in our condo that deep yellow - it was so cheerful!

Lovely work!

Marilyn said...

Love your work. Keep it up!!!!

Leah said...

yellow is such a happy color!!

Marina said...

just beautiful!

giddy up said...

That is beautiful!