Sunday, November 22, 2009


WOW - today I am really late getting this entry up---
believe it or not I have been creating -
I have met this lovely artist Julie Jordan Scott through AEDM this month who
has been super supportive of me, through her sweet comments-
She is doing a project she calls hands-decorating an outline of her hand.
Well I am totally intrigued over I just spent the
majority of the day decorating my hand with geometric shapes and lines and such.
I am really enjoying myself. Well her hand and the geometric shapes are
really inspiring me to try this new stuff.....
I have so many ideas for decorating hands - so I started. I still have to take a pic
and upload it in order to show you all...I think it is awesome!!
So here is my newest ATC card:

I absolutely love penguins - to me they are just too cute!
I used to deal with the snow of winter for the first half of my life---
but Thank God I live in the sunshine state - because after
going to college in Buffalo - I just could not take much more snow--LOL!
Some visitors have left comments about ATC cards (
artist trading cards)-
so here it what they are:
they are
SMALL pieces of art that are the size of 2.5x3.5.
They are
NEVER sold - they are exchanged (traded). Small canvases of collages--anything
your heart desires - any media you want to use.
There are only two rules really - the size and never sold - the rest is up to your
imagination. They are about the size of a business card--that is it--
my ATC cards look huge but if it was printed out it would only be the size of a business card
that is why I love them - they are only restricted by your own creativeness - nothing more!
Well thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is wonderful!!


Michelle said...

Oh wow, I am in love with this adorable card! I love that the red in the background makes me feel like Christmas, even though it's just generic winter. And I love that the letters alternate textures.

I am new to AEDM, please feel free to stop by my new blog and take a look.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me!! What an honor. Today's hand art was Katherine's hand and I have a whole bunch of stuff I journaled about her hands and my hands... I am getting so much from this project beyond what it looks on the surface, you know?

Penguins are HUGELY popular at my house, too. Your ATC would be an enormous hit.

So grateful, again, for your warm comments.