Thursday, November 19, 2009


WOW - I just realized that the holidays are flying by so soon - geez
scares me to death that the end of the year is not so far away-
But I will admit that this time of year is my favorite - love the decorations
and music and the feeling of giving in the air--it is wonderful!
So here is my newest ATC card to start off my holiday time of year:

I thought it was a bit whimsical/cutsey - something fun to start
off the holidays and play around.
Hopefully Santa will find some humor in it also - LOL...gotta stay on the
good side of the list..LOL
Thanks for stopping by and Visiting - I so appreciate it!

1 comment:

Julie Jordan Scott said...

adorable.... I love the holidays and am horrifyingly behind. I don't even know if I will ever catch up and I am trying not to worry about it... too much!

Hugs to you!!

(Looking forward to your 'hands' art. Did I respond and tell you I think that idea is cool? I could be horribly confused?)