Monday, November 09, 2009


I spent the weekend creating ATC cards - collecting elements - trying
to come up with ideas...hopefully everyone will enjoy them.
Of course I could only do this in between football games -
what a crazy weekend of games.
So Here is my newest:

I like fall colors - to me they are very soothing.
Sunflowers are one of my most favorite flowers--I love how they
always face the sun and get so big.
Well if I suddenly disappear - do not fear - it is just Tropical Storm Ida
hitting up our state...I do not think we will get much more
then rain and wind - but you never know!
I hope you all have a beautiful day CREATING.


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Keep safe Ellie! Hope it doesn´t hit your area.

Ana said...

Dear Ellie,
That is such a pretty cute postcard. I love how it reminds me of the inner child in you and how it connects with fall and your favourite flower. :) YEY
Happy Every Day Month to you.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

This is positively adorable. I would agree with you: soothing, soothing, soothing!

Marilyn said...

I really love the card. Please keep safe!!

linda said...

Beautiful piece...I definitely like fall colors as well...something warm and cozy about it all. Sunflowers are wonderful as well...when you see a field of them on a hill, it's such an amazing sight!