Friday, November 13, 2009


Happy Friday The 13th!
WOW - some peeps really go bonkers over that date - here it is just
another day in the neighborhood - lol.
I will say that it is quite chilly today - feeling good - hope it lasts.
I think the skies are actually looking a more vibrant blue then I have
seen in a very long time!
I was playing with more elements and created this card - nothing
really special - just putting things together to see what I get...
and I thought - wow - try something for this special friday - lol and
here it is:

Well now that I think about it - friday the 13th and the above card
really do go together - lol.
I particularly like this one because of the colors - purple is my passion.
I just love the color - now purple gives me energy and makes things happy
for me - strange but true!
I also love her big round eyes - windows to the soul - so pretty....
So this is my little contribution to the 13th with a black cat and
all that stuff - lol -
I wanted to THANK YOU ALL for the beautiful and supportive
comments you all have been leaving - OMG - they have truly
touched my heart and inspired me to keep moving forward--
I so appreciate it!


linda said...

Beautiful work...I love the layouts you create, so cool!

Kelly said...

very cute, ellie! friday the 13th is just another day in the neighborhood for me too. and it was a gorgeous one! have a great weekend.