Sunday, November 15, 2009


WOW - I am so late getting this entry up -
Just feeling a bit under the weather - kind of dragging...but
truly I am ok - just so tired - maybe my body is trying to tell me something.
I just could not skip a day of posting so here is my newest piece:

This one is a work in progress - I am still searching for a quote or some
element to make it feel complete to me... but I thought I would
share it until something inspirational hits me about it...
I love the Black and white look of it and the hint of red...and her little wagon - LOL
Well I just wanted to share something with all you wonderful peeps--
Thanks for stopping by.


Suzie Ridler said...

Total love the Goth Girl Ellie! Very cool. Hope you're feeling better soon. Any luck with the amulet yet? Has it showed up? Post office makes me so nervous.

Sherrie Phillips said...

This girl is so cute. Something about her reminds me of Cindy Who in the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

linda said...

Definitely a super cool color theme and your illustration is so darn cool! Wow!

mermaiden said...

i want her outfit! she has a "think i'll eat some worms" look on her face ;]

Bevie said...

Ellie this is precious...I've so enjoyed looking at all your ATCs. I think you should see a dr about being so could be low on Vitamin D or something....plz!!!! hehehehe!!!

Apple said...

Cute card!!