Thursday, November 12, 2009


WOW - what a change in the weather from yesterday to today.
It is 11 in the morning and it is only 56 degrees outside - for
the sunshine state - that is CHILLY.
It feels good - makes breathing so much more easier - but
what a shock to ones' system. LOL
Well - today's ATC card is reflective a bit of the weather - fall like
and fun!
Here is my newest card:

Again - I love the soothing colors of fall - and the lil whimsical owl--
this was fun to make - made me laugh.
My mind is the autumn mood - I hope you all have a beautiful
fall like day.
Thanks for stopping by --leave a comment -- would love to hear
your opinion about my ATC cards.


Diane M. McKnight, BFA, LLMSW Artist/Healing Art Guide said...

How sweet this little owl is. He made me smile and it does really say "Fall". Blessings!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Harvest of art! Love it!

Ana said...

Dear Ellie,
This postcard is so sweet and a wonderful reminder of fall.
Thank you for such a lovely warm card. I love the owl. :)

Sherrie Phillips said...

Wow, the owl has been popping up for me all over the place the last couple of weeks. In jewelry, art, everywhere I look. Love your card. Do you actually trade these? I am not sure how this works.

Judy Hartman said...

I love this, Ellie! Very warm and sweet!

beadsbycolor said...

This little owl looks so cute and happy.Thanks,it made me smile.

Leah said...

super cute, ellie!!

linda said...

hoot! What a cute owl and the leaves are fantastic...the color and texture!