Sunday, November 01, 2009


WOW - October just flew by me - I was a bit busy and it took off.
I was not really ready for November to start but here we go.
November is both
Art Every Day Month and National Blog Posting Month...
Both are 30 day commitments sort of speak - of course rules were made
to be broken - but the gist is that you complete these projects by participating every
day for one month...last year I was able to do it - and I am going to try again this year.
I am kind of "cheating" here because I am going to use my art
every day as my post for blogging every day - kind of kill two birds with one stone--LOL.
Here is a flower that I digitally painted that I thought I would start off with.....

A yellow hibiscus - I like the way it turned out - tho it is kind of
difficult to see the stamen on it but in general - it came out nice.
So here's to a month of creativity and blogging...
Thanks for sharing it with me~!~


Ana said...

Dear Ellie,
It is a pleasure to visit your blog.
This yellow hibiscus feels so genuine, from the way in which you have put your personal touch to it.
Happy November Every Day Fun and National Blog Posting Month! (I am a member of both)

Meredith said...

How beautiful! I love hibiscus, and I love how you've added your own artistic eye here.

I'd never heard of National Blog Posting Month before. I've set myself that challenge on my gardening blog, to post every day for a year. So far I've only missed one day -- but it's tough.

Good luck!

Chris Zydel said...

That hibiscus is so cool! I just wanted to reach out and touch it, it just looks so real and fuzzy soft. And good luck with both your blogging commitments!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Wow! both challenges, why not? Love your photo!!!
Enjoy AEDM!!!

Leah said...

Lovely pic! Here's to another great AEDM!

Sam said...

Lovely flower. Good luck with TWO challenges ;-)

mermaiden said...

what great motivators! looking forward to see what you create.

Kelly said...

beautiful, ellie! good luck with your challenge!