Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well - yesterday while I waited for the New Year to arrive - I went blog hopping again.
Mostly to a lot of blogs I already checked out regularly - and then from those I check out
blogs they recommend or mention or have on their blog rolls...always looking
for ideas and inspiration.
Well I truly believe it was destiny that I did it because I went to Ali Edwards blog (if you have not checked out her blog - you should - absolutely awesome!!!) and she was talking about the one
word that would lead her year....well just go to her blog and check it out for yourself...but she
also referred to a project called the 365 day - taking a photo a day... well this just falls right
into one of my goals for 2008...so I am going to give it a try...and of course this also
lines up with my commitment to being Creative EveryDay 2008..it is all falling
into place...so I just know that all this is meant to be.
So check out this great idea...it just might inspire you...I cannot wait!!!!
As for my one word...I will write more about that in my next entry....don't want to over do all
my news in one entry...lol.
So today (yes already) I played in my digital world and this is what I created...

Just playing...but I like the look...and the different variations...
I am still going to do kaleidoscopes...but today I wanted something different, something
new to start off the New Year.
I hope you all had a beautiful New Year's Celebration..here it was just us which was
perfect..we loved it..and brought in the New Year our way...(big smile here).
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!!


magicalmuse said...

The digital art is so cool! They would make neat journal page backgrounds too. :) I am impressed that you are trying to be creative everyday of the year.Happy New Year!

Anke said...

Oh, this new style of your caleidoscope is awesome! A great start for the new year! I just did some thinking about my art projects for this year too. Thanks for the links, they are pretty inspiring! Looking forward to see your new art this year :)

Lisa said...

I like the idea of trying to be creative everyday in 2008. So many projects so little time, but at least the attempt is a start, right?

Good luck with your new projects and Happy New year!