Thursday, January 03, 2008


I am running a bit behind today.....massive headache...I think it is because of the huge
weather change we have had here in went from the high 70's and 80's to 28 degrees.
I love the cold weather because I can breathe easier in it....but it seems that with such a temperature drop and the changes in the atmospheric pressure I always get these dang headaches....I have taken way more then I should have to get rid of it and nothing is helping..(that is how I know it is the weather also) I have been resting all day but that is also not helping at all.
So I figured I would get online and post my art before friday comes.
Art Every Day is my
So I made the above creation just playing again as usual...and to me it looks like a pink snowflake.. (hence the name).
I really like the vibrant pink it is...where the grey came from is beyond me but I like it all.
I am keeping up with my photo it was a picture of our little pathetic looking but it kept the puter room (where we hang out) nice and toasty warm. The heater definitely explains my whole day - stay warm and ignore the headache!
Well my snowflake is my entry today for CED...I hope you all have a great evening.
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!

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Anonymous said...

very interesting pieces :)