Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have had a fever for the last 36 hours - so I just do not have the energy to sit and paint
for hours...but I wanted to create something - I feel if I stop - then the flow will stop - and then one day will turn into several and that will turn into weeks and so I decided to create
an ATC card - I saw the image above and just had to do something with it!
It is all simple but I do like the way it turned out....
I am going to go lay down again...I hope you all have a
SUPER saturday...
This is my entry today for CED - and don't forget to check out
my PEACE VIDEO - (if you haven't already)
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


Anke said...

Wow, you are so strong Ellie, still creating with a fever. Send you lot's of getting well greetings over there. Hang in there!!!!!

altermyworld said...

That ATC is gorgeous. WOW !!!
I am bowing my head Ellie i am commanding a band of angels to visit you, take this fever, take this pain, relieve my firend, in the name of the angels i demand i ask that this be done. touch this woman and hold her and comfort her and relieve her body of this infection.