Monday, January 07, 2008


Okay - after a LONG break - I am back to digital painting...something just spark inside me and I decided to paint a bit more now...who knows what will be next.. but today - I painted the above creation....I received a photo from a group I belong to and decided to paint this gorgeous - colorful flower. It is called a plumeria...I have never heard of it before - nor do I recall ever seeing one like it but I just love the colors of I painted it...I really like the way it came out. This will be my entry for CED today..yayayay!!! Also at the end of my will now see my lil sig that I got from this site:
Live Sig (<---just click) I really like the look of it on my entry...YAY...something else to play with!


Anke said...

Oh what a beautiful flower, haven't seen one like that either yet. Must be something exotic.
Like your signature!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Kelly Warren said...

oooohhhh, really like this one! and thanks for the link on the signature thing. that's cool!