Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today I worked on some ATC's -(artist trading cards). Mary Ann over at HANDMADE MONDAY - has a creative prompt this week and it is - OWLS...
So that was my inspiration....the top card has an Owl flying into the scene...I like all
the elements because it is so spring like - so colorful - and with all the blizzards and such
happening around the country - I wanted to make it something bright and colorful.
Bloom Where You Are Planted - is GREAT advice - !!!
Of course I was on an Owl roll - and found another Owl I wanted to do something with
and this is what I came up with:

An Owl and child owl sharing a moment....they look happy...and love does bring them
comfort. I really liked the image...and the crumbled paper gives it a different like of dimension to it.
I am quite pleased with my ATC creations....They are my entries for both CED and HANDMADE MONDAY!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and Looking!!!


mary ann said...

ellie these are FAB!!! thank you for your wonderful entries (& all your previous entries too!)...you are the digi-queen!!!! (bowing my head down to you, lol!)...

xo mary ann

Anke said...

Oh I can't wait for spring! Beautiful ATC's....keep on going wiyh them ;)

amy said...

Love these atcs. And owls are my favorite/my spirit animal.

Melba said...

I love Owls. I really like the top picture!